Travel Horror Story

Travel Horror Story

My travel horror story happened a while ago but I remember it like yesterday. My family and I were on a mission’s trip to Mexico. We were heading back to the States from visiting an orphanage in Aguascalientes…

I saw a check point coming up and thought nothing of it. It was just like all the other ones we’d been through, or so I thought. However, when we got up to it, instead of being passed through we were stopped.

Several men, armed with machine guns, surrounded the van. One of the men said something in Spanish to my Dad. Which of course he didn’t understand since my Dad didn’t speak Spanish. My Dad told us kids to be quiet and still. He’d take care of it. My dad got out a hand held translator and tried to figure out what the soldier wanted.

While my dad was trying to talk to the head man the other soldiers stood around with their machine guns still pointed at us. They were watching us closely. Needless to say it was frightening.

Finally, when neither my dad nor the soldier in charge understood what was wanted, they waved us through. We continued on our way and made it back to the States without anymore incidents.



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