Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper Review

Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper Review

When shopping around for a decent set of hair clippers, you’ve probably been constantly wondering whether the higher priced models are really worth it, what with the vast selection of cheaper models available. You’ve no doubt seen models such as the Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper with Adjustable Blade, and told yourself that they just weren’t necessary. So you bought those cheaper clippers, they provided you with a few mediocre cuts, they broke down, and now you’re here considering the Oster Professional 76023-510 for the second time. Am I right?

With that being the case, here’s an honest review of the Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clippers, and whether or not they’re worth you shelling out those extra bucks:

Firstly, this set of clippers just feels of good quality. As soon as you take it out of it’s box, you know it’s gong to give you a trim that you’ll be happy with. It’s got a nice weight and feel to it, and as I say, generally you can sense the good quality.

It features a fast feeding adjustable clipper which does exactly what it’s designed to do. It doesn’t pull on your hair or get stuck, believe me, it just glides through with speed and with ease. Put bluntly, it cuts how you want a hair razor to cut.

The clippers also remain cool throughout their use. They don’t heat up or sound like they’re struggling like most of the cheaper models do, and even many in the same price region. Again, you can just sense quality.

One down side (depending on how you look at it) is that these clippers really do benefit from a regular clean and oil. You’ll probably find yourself wanting to keep them in tip top condition anyway, due to the standard they arrive in. I guess maintenance shouldn’t really be considered as a downside but I felt this was worth mentioning because they really do benefit from a regular oil.

Another downside is the lack of some form of bag or carry case to keep all the accessories in. Again, this isn’t really a major deal breaker, but it would make the whole set even more worthwhile. I was able to put everything in an old clipper bag that I already had.

In conclusion, if you’re wanting to invest in a good set of hair clippers, then these oster classic 76 blades are just what you’re looking for. If you’re still finding it hard to spend a good amount of money on some clippers, then you’re really looking at it from the wrong angle. How many skipped visits to the barber would it take to get your money back? Or how many cheap razors that give you unsatisfactory results are you willing to go through? In my opinion, bite the bullet, invest in this set of clippers and you’ll be glad you did. Overall, a highly recommended product.

Fellowes Shredder P70CM Reviewed

If you are looking for a personal, small use, shredder for your home office then check out the Fellowes Shredder P70CM. It is another model that we looked at that fits the “Under 100 Dollars” category.

Although the 7 sheet capacity may be a little low it is intended for light use. We really enjoy the mesh waste basket included with the shredder. No more guessing if the shredder is full. An auto sensing switch is located on the shredder to stop it from shredding when the unit is picked up from the waste basket.

You will not find a lot of bells and whistles on this model but do remember it is under 100 dollars. This paper shredder can also handle both credit cards and staples. So its great for those pesky credit card applications.

We have to say though that this shredder is one of the cheaper models offered by Fellowes and if your looking for those powerful cross cut shredders then you may be interested in looking elsewhere, such as the:

Fellowes Powershred W-11C Paper Shredder

The Fellowes Powershred W-11C is a very popular home paper shredder in the “Under 100″ category.  Don’t let the price fool you this is a favorite here Best Home Paper Shredders.

The W-11C is capable of shredding up 11 pages per pass and can shred paper down to 5/32″ x 2″ pieces.  Its designed for light duty so its perfect for a home office shredder.  It can also shred credit cards, staples, standard or legal size documents.

Safety interlock automatically stops the motor whenever the top is removed from the basket.  Emptying of the wastebasket is very easy and quick.

Overall the Fellowes Powershred W-11C is great for a small home office.  Its not full of led lights or features but it is one of the best home shredders under 100 dollars.

How to Save Money on Your Trip to Brazil

Brazil is one of the most visited places in the world – and with reason. Relatively warm climates, beautiful beaches, and a zestful culture have made Brazil a hub for tourism. However, if you are traveling to Brazil, then you might wonder as to when are the best times to visit, as well as how you can shave off some bucks when traveling by plane.

Step 1: Compare Flight Prices to Brazil
Make sure to do your research before booking any flights. Cross reference flight agencies and compare their prices. Visit travel websites like Travelocity and Expedia. Some of these travel websites will sometimes have discounts for specific places – if you are lucky enough, you might find a fantastic deal for a flight to Brazil.

Step 2: Bring a Light Snack and a Light Suitcase
Airplane food is usually not glamorous – unless you’re flying first class, that is – so packing a light snack into your handheld bag can shave off hunger pangs during your flight to Brazil. Instead of paying the exuberant prices typical of airplane food, bring your own sandwich or snack that will hold you up until you arrive. It’s highly recommended to take a zojirushi stainless mug to keep your drink warm.

It might be a hard endeavor to pack lightly, especially if you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, but try your best to pack as light as possible. The region of Brazil is blessed with a relatively warm climate, so you will not have to bring any bulky pieces of clothing. Typically, you are allowed to have two carry-on suitcases’ on the plane, as long as they fit into the overhead bin). If you can fit the bulk of your clothing into these two suitcases, then you can shave off a lot of money.

Step 3: Booking The Actual Flight
Try to book the flight during the middle of the week. Most fliers tend to book their vacations during the weekend, which tends to spike up the costs. Airlines also tend to send emails telling perspective fliers about any active discounts during the middle of the week.

After your initial price research, try to scour the internet for any valid discount codes to shave off a few extra dollars off of the final price. RetailMeNot.com tends to have a comprehensive database that can help save money during your Brazilian trip.

Step 4: Save Money By Traveling to Brazil During the Off Season
According to WorldNomads.com , Brazil’s high season is in the four month window between December and March. These are the times where tourists tend to flock the Brazilian streets – and it’s also the time where airplane prices tend to be the highest. Between the months of May to September are usually the best times to go if you want to save money.

Travel Horror Story

My travel horror story happened a while ago but I remember it like yesterday. My family and I were on a mission’s trip to Mexico. We were heading back to the States from visiting an orphanage in Aguascalientes…

I saw a check point coming up and thought nothing of it. It was just like all the other ones we’d been through, or so I thought. However, when we got up to it, instead of being passed through we were stopped.

Several men, armed with machine guns, surrounded the van. One of the men said something in Spanish to my Dad. Which of course he didn’t understand since my Dad didn’t speak Spanish. My Dad told us kids to be quiet and still. He’d take care of it. My dad got out a hand held translator and tried to figure out what the soldier wanted.

While my dad was trying to talk to the head man the other soldiers stood around with their machine guns still pointed at us. They were watching us closely. Needless to say it was frightening.

Finally, when neither my dad nor the soldier in charge understood what was wanted, they waved us through. We continued on our way and made it back to the States without anymore incidents.



Perixx MX-2000 Consumer Reviews

It looks like gamers all over the world have welcomed the MX-1000 gaming mouse with great enthusiasm and that is sensed in every Perixx MX-2000 review going online up to now. It has managed to achieve the particularities of the most sophisticated models, yet comes in a much lower price. You can customize your mouse through an integrated program that allows users to do exactly what they wish with their gaming tool. As for gripping, it is number one feature mentioned in all Perixx MX-2000 ratings as very convenient and the rubber coating elevate your experience without distracting you with any kind of awkward feeling while playing. With 7 programmable buttons and a switch life circle of 10.000.000 clicks, you can expect endless hours of fun and entertainment – this really is the best gaming mouse 2017.

It comes in a variety of 4 led colors and users can also benefit from integrated software and make any customizations to the led pulse, according to their needs. It looks like coming out of the Transformers movie and it surely takes gaming in an utmost trans-formative level!

On top of that, it is like having a thinking device, since it also has specially designed ergonomic triangular parts that are perfect for resting your fingers in between games.

Since the weight is a vital factor that determines a good gaming mouse, every Perixx MX-2000 for sale stands up to that challenge as well. So lightweight and comfy at the same time gives out a pleasant feeling when sliding in all directions, due to its non-resistant properties.

Furthermore, the braded cable it comes equipped with does not twist or knots as much as other gaming mice in the market right now, which adds up to the mouse’s other great features.

Regarding mouse buttons, they are not too sensitive to spoil the fun but are as responsive as needed to provide a blasting gaming experience without inconveniences. On the other hand, users can opt in for one of the 4 dpi profiles by just clicking on the 2 buttons right below the mouse and try a different option when playing.

Overall, in all Perixx MX-2000 deals gamers will expect to find an ergonomic  2000dpi gaming mouse, which is overrated by users particularly fond of fps games, like War of the Roses and Call of Duty and there are many that show a clear preference for the Mx-2000 instead of a G700 by Logitech, no matter how bizarre that might sound. However, Moba/RTS games seem to not feel so comfortable when using the MX-2000.

So, anyone looking for a fine fps and inexpensive mouse, then the Mx-2000 is the ideal choice. Moreover, if you manage to get your hands on a Perixx MX-2000 discounted then your gaming will definitely have stepped up in the lowest possible cost!

Joy’s Noodles Rice Restaurant

During the last week, my girlfriend and myself along with another couple went out to dinner. After discussing our options in our neighborhood we decided to try a noodle shop and picked joys because of its nice location, and atmosphere. We arrived there for our first visit just after 7pm and were seated almost imedeatly. Our server spoke good english and was very pleasent to our needs. The restaurant itself opens to the outdoors. It also has outdoor dinning and has a few seats on the sidewalk. The restaurant itself has a very pleasing atmosphere and is sparsley decorated to show off the polished woodwork and the beautiful decorations from the far east.
My girlfriend and I had decided to start our meal with the Cucumber Salad which was a refreshing way to begin and was a dish of sliced cucumber, red onion, and julienne carrots. This was covered with a house sweet and sour dressing that was absolutley devine. I still want to get my hands on that recipe for my own use at home. Our friends decided to try the Fried Won Ton and i was suprised that you got so much for so little the price. The rich dipping sauce was simply delicious and complimented the won tons perfectly. Our server made sure that we had time between our appetizers and our entrees and kept our glasses full as the night went on. We never once had to ask for anything more than some more napkins for our table.

As our night progressed from sunset to dark we dined on our entrees with hugry appetites. My girlfriend dined on Crazy Noodles with beef and after tasting it i could see why she didn’t want to share with the rest of us. The beef pieces were small and very tender and the wild rice noodles were full of flavor that in my opinion did not need any kind of extra seasoning that came on our table. I had decided to have the garlic chicken and was in for a real treat. The noodles were so full of garlic, ginger and peanut flavor that i had to keep mixing in the steamed bean sprouts that accompanied the meal. The chicken was stir-fried so gingerly and was so tender and moist. It made the whole plate complete and i almost could not bring myself to finish it.

Our friends that came with us had opted to share a plate because they knew they would be full from the appetizer. They shared the Phuket Noodles with shrimp and the plate came like ours steaming and full. The plate presentations were wonderful and was very eye-appealing. The smell off the plate told me that if I tried it i would need to make sure that i had some bromo for my dessert but i just could not resist. So as i snuck a bite from their plate, my girlfriend opted to sneak some of my garlic noodles and didn’t want to give back my plate. The Phuket was tasty, and was spicy enough for me and my stomach and was wonderful to watch our friends wash it down with glass after glass of water to appease the fire gods.

After we finished our dinners we decided to rest a little, let our stomachs settle and then walk down the road and get ourselves a gelato and enjoy the walk down the busy street and watch the passers by and just know that this night ended with great food, great company, and wonderful memories. We will definately be returning there to dine every so often and enjoy even more of the fabulous meals that are prepared their and hope that you too will come down and enjoy the food and service from a wonderful establishment.

Joy’s Noodles Rice is located at 3257 N. Broadway St. and serves lunch and dinner from 11am to 10pm sun.- thurs. and 11am to 11pm on friday and saturday. They make all their dishes with digital rice cookers and help save the planet by cooking so efficiently.